Let the Beyonce stans rejoice…

Despite its lackluster performance on the charts, Beyonce’s camp just released a teaser for her latest video, “Run This World (Girls),” and it’s looking a bit epic.

Although I’ll reserve  my judgment until the real thing hits, Bey is definitely sending a message to the competition: She’s back.

What do you think of the teaser for “Run This World?”

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  • S.

    Are they holding up Black power fists? lol

    The direction is looking a lil Willow Smith-ish but ima hold off on further judgment til the official video comes out… hm

    I wonder how old Beyonce can get before these type of songs become outdated o_O

  • Jenn

    and when girls run the world they will obviously do it in leotards and heels….in the desert.

  • Wello

    she’s really building up the hype behind this song and i say bravo because its one of her worse and will need all the build up it can get.
    it looks like it will be an amazing video to watch, shame i can’t say the same about the song

    LMAO jen