In case you hadn’t gotten enough of Chris Brown’s Micheal Jackson tributes, here comes another one. Breezy’s latest single off F.A.M.E, “She Ain’t You” samples MJ’s classic “Human Nature” and in the video, he does his best to pay homage to the king. Rocking an ivory suit and matching fedora, Chris captures the Smooth Criminal fashion statement to the nines. But with all its cues to the legend, does Chris’ latest tribute do the King of Pop justice? You decide.

What say you Clutchettes- love it or leave it alone? Share your thoughts!

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  • kayla

    At least he gave respect and love to Michael when he was ALIVE to see it unlike many other phony hypocrites who hopped back on the bandwagon after he died. MJ asked Chris to perform “Thriller” at the 2008 World Music Awards which was a huge honor.

  • Gillian

    Wow. I like both the song and the video. Sounds like old school R&B, and i’ve missed that. This song just might be the one to make me buy his F.A.M.E album.

  • i love this song but the video is terrible… there wasnt really any concept and what was the point of the backup dancers? smh please reshoot!

  • me


  • Ann

    He filmed this why he was on tour in Australia. I remember this exact routine. I can’t wait for “Next 2 You” with Justin Beiber video though!