By now you’ve already seen the changes, but in case you were wondering…

Over the weekend CLUTCH underwent a fresh new makeover just in time for Spring. While it’s not finished just yet (bear with us for the next few weeks), we are happy to bring you our new look.

Everything you love about CLUTCH—the articles, the conversations, the commentary—is the same. But we’re steadily making improvements to ensure you continue to read, share, and engage in meaningful conversation on the site.

Aside from freshening our look a bit, we are switching to a new format for releasing new issues. This will not only allow us to bring you more of what you love, but showcase even more interesting and unique voices as well.

Starting today, instead of launching a new issue every Monday, CLUTCH will release three issues per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which ensures we always have something new to chat about.

In addition to releasing new features every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, CLUTCH will be continuing to showcase our reader submissions, which gives you, dear readers, a way to share your voice on the site.

Over the next few weeks we will also be updating our commenting system, which will help promote, and foster positive conversation amongst our readers. And we will also be introducing a new feature called, Dear Clutch.

Because we know that you are some of the most intelligent, opinionated, savvy readers around, Dear Clutch will give you the opportunity to get advice on your pressing questions, not only from the CLUTCH team, but also from your fellow readers as well. So if, need advice on anything from breaking up with your man to how to get a raise at work, or how to make up with your former BFF, email us ([email protected]). We’re here to help!

We here at CLUTCH work tirelessly to ensure that we not only bring you quality content, but we also strive to produce a publication that reflects you and all of your complexities. As we work to improve the site, remember that each little improvement we make is in order to make your experience that much better.

So whether you have a question, comment, suggestion, or want to submit a reader submission or a Dear Clutch question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We’re here for you!

~The Clutch Team


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