Photo Credit: WJBK-FOX 2 Detroit

Dances on the pole apparently weren’t enough for the owners of the Penthouse Club on Detroit’s 8 Mile Road. According to Erica Tucker, a stripper at the club, her bosses wanted her to not only strip but prostitute her body as well.


“I went in there to get a job that I wasn’t proud of initially but it wasn’t a job where I was selling my body for money.”

Tucker says that working at Penthouse, her job was not only to strip and dance, but as she puts it, “become a modern day sex slave.” She says the club was straightforward in its intent to sell sexual favors as well as a sexual fantasy.

“Every girl in the building had a box of condoms…I actually saw someone giving oral in the club.”

Tucker says that when she refused to perform sexual acts, she was fired by club management. She has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Penthouse, asking the club’s owners to pay up in court.

But lawyers for the Penthouse say Tucker’s allegations are lies and that she is only suing the club for money. In fact, according to their version of the story Tucker was discharged for breaking the terms of her contract herself after she attempted to soliciting sex on the club property.


The legal battle between both sides is sure to be a messy one, but Tucker claims that she is not merely bringing the lawsuit for herself but for all the other women being subjected to the club’s informal policy.

“there needs to be some kind of rights for these girls. You know, I would never in my life dance again…the emotional scars…you can’t ever get that back.”

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