Picture-262Color will forever be a touchy subject for women of every ethnic background due to different hair textures and lengths. It’s time to change all of that. Let’s start at the basics.

Hair colors and tones should coincide with your skin tone and eye color. According to Norma Dacres, director of the L’Oreal USA New York Technical Center:

“Staying within two levels of your natural color is a safe bet so if you are naturally dark brown, the lightest that you should go is light brown and the darkest you should go is soft black or natural black. Going further than that increases the level of maintenance needed for upkeep and may not be flattering next to your skin.”

Once you’ve made your way to a salon, don’t just go to any stylist. Ask for a “colorist” and start your conversation from there. Be sure to educate yourself on specific coloring terms so you can ask the right questions.

Knowing how to properly communicate with your stylist/colorist is important and will help you achieve your ultimate goal. For example, never ask anyone to “bleach” your hair. The process is called “lightening.” If you want your hair majority one color with highlights, ask for a base color with high or low lights or under color.

And finally, remember that keeping up with this season’s trends in hair color will involve lots of maintenance. The flashier the color, the more work is required to maintain a healthy head of hair.

-Krystal Franklin

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