While the recession has affected the entire country, few cities have been hit quite as hard as Detroit. But there is good news for the Motor City this week, with reports that people could be getting back to work.

General Motors announced that it will be adding 2,500 jobs at a local Detroit-area plant where the Chevrolet Volt is made. The electric car has been part of the motor companies attempt to modernize and invest in more eco friendly technology.

Just this week, the Obama Administration came under some criticism for their purchase of 116 Volts and plans to build charging stations in 5 cities including Washington, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. While the Chevy will ultimately cut down on fuel usage, some have said purchasing a fleet of new vehicles while touting responsible spending was well, irresponsible.

Regardless of the politics behind the Volt, there is no doubt that its production has helped many working families in Detroit. With GM’s latest announcement, came welcomed news that the company would be adding two shifts of workers to the Detroit-Hamtramck factory. The additional workers will allow the plan to make the new Chevrolet Malibu and the large Impala sedan.

While the 2,500 jobs are an increase to the workforce, not all the jobs will be filled with new hires. Currently, GM has over 1,300 laid-off U.S. workers waiting to be called back to work.  According to The Detroit News:

Many of the additional workers will be recalled from the 1,350 remaining in GM’s layoff pool. The rest will be new hires that will come in at the second-tier, $14-$16 hourly wage, about half the veteran pay.

Along with its investment in Detroit, GM says that it is investing $2 billion dollars in 17 states as part of its plan to get folks back to work. Its planned expansions in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Toledo, Ohio, and Flint and Bay City, Michigan are expected to create or keep 4,000 jobs.

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