One look at celebrity hairstylist Marcia Hamilton and you can tell she’s not afraid to step outside the box as a hair artist. With a clientele of celebrities like Venus and Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian and John Legend, the versatility of her design aesthetic is evident.

Two of her regular clients happen to be the daringly eclectic mother-daughter duo, Jada and Willow Smith. Take heed as we pick the hair diva’s brain about what it’s like to be the go-to hair artist for the Smith family.

marcia-hamilton-jada-pinkett-smith-hair-3111C+C: How did your relationship with Jada come about?

Marcia Hamilton: I’ve been doing Jada’s hair now for about four years and the first time I had to do Jada’s hair, she needed an emergency haircut. I did an awesome job, and she loved it so since then I think she trusted me with my shears.

C+C: What’s that one style that you’ve created for her that made you feel like you should pat yourself on the back?

MH: My fave style that I’ve created for Jada was the “Euro Bang.” This was created with a full weave then I cut a bold, sharp fringe to frame her gorgeous eyes.

C+C: Jada has rocked her hair long, short, straight and curly! What’s her go-to look?

MH: Jada’s “go-to” hair style is her natural waves. Her natural hair is really full, wavy and beautiful. This is a style that’s versatile and can take her from day to evening.

C+C: What’s the creative process like when you’re styling her hair?

MH: Jada is very easygoing when it comes to her hair. We usually build the hair look around wardrobe and the environment.

marcia-hamilton-willow-smith-hair-211C+C: How did you land the role as Willow’s hairstylist?

MH: When Willow started saying she wanted a haircut, Jada said she trusted me to do it. This was a couple of years ago and the first cut that I did was a cute little asymmetric bob. A month later we took it higher up and two months after that she wanted to shave her hair off so we all met and came to the mutual consensus that we would just shave the sides. We shaved the back a little and progressed from there.

C+C: Willow always has extravagant, rocker-chic hair. What’s the creative process behind these looks?

MH: It’s definitely a collaboration. I go a lot off of what she’s wearing but if we don’t have a clue about that I ask her what she’s feeling like, or what she’s thinking and she’ll give me a hint like: “A textured ponytail.” For the Easter Egg Roll at the White House we created a textured Mohawk look and she mentioned that she wanted foil in it. I’ll flip through magazines and references for inspiration but a lot of the times I’ll just sketch something up which makes it easier for me to explain. That’s our creative process; it’s usually really visual.

C+C: Willow’s a young girl with a hefty imagination. Are there times when you feel like a concept is too abstract or nearly impossible to create?

MH: Of course! That’s when the sketch book really comes in handy. Sometimes I totally don’t get the concept but my personality is that I never say no or back away so I’ll have her explain it again and ask questions that can give me more to go on.

C+C: What’s an easy everyday look that’s edgy, but can be toned down?

MH: Something that’s simple and fun is a topknot. It’s really chic and compliments any face shape because it pulls the face together. What’s great about it is you can do it with or without bangs. You can even make it messy. It’s a style that can fit any girl at any moment.

To learn more about Marcia’s work and to keep up with her fabulous career as a celebrity hair artist, visit her website Marciahamilton.com and follow her on Twitter @marciahamilton.

-Margaret Francois

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