Accessories have taken over the world. Aside from the usual ones: belt, rings and sunglasses; the one accessory that even girl loves is the hair accessory. Perfect for a multitude of occasions, flower headbands, barrettes and turbans all serve to add a little flair to your ensemble and spice up your hairstyle. Here are four must have hair accessories to style up your coif and turn heads!

Topsy Turban

While your grandmother has long rocked a turban, us young girls are finally catching on. Perfect for a bad hair day or morning rush turbans are a hair accessory for the eccentric girl. Add a brooch or pin for a unique touch. Get a standard turban from your local Beauty Supply Store or try one from June Ambrose’s line.

Cool Hair Clips

Accessorizing is not child’s play. But pulling out your old childhood hair clips for a style redux is a stroke of genius. Putting a cute barrette to tame fly-aways or hold a side bang adds a whimsical touch and is sure to be a conversation starter. Try a jeweled hair clip or a kitschy plastic heart. But please no butterfly clips!

Mini Toppers

Hats are all the rage this season. While everyone is going Kentucky Derby big, why not don a miniature hat or try one with a netter veil. Mini hats are great for evening out and go great with the little black “party” dress.

Braided Headbands

Loose and ethereal, a braided crown can be hard to achieve without a long length of hair. However, the look can be achieved with a braided headband that matches your hair’s color and texture. Simply tuck your hair under and secure the headband, voila you have the Goddess look without having to worry about loose strands.

What hair accessories do you swear by?

-Fajr Muhammad

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