In the 1970’s, there was nothing you could do to stop Roy Halston Frowick, better known as Halston. He was the go-to designer for long, elegant draped silhouettes and he dressed the likes of Bianca Jagger, Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and many more.

Of late, Halston has made a great resurgence, with the brand relaunching in 2008. The First Lady chose a coffee-colored gown with a plunging neckline for the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner from the Fall 2008 collection. Solange Knowles also opted for a look from the brand at the 5th Annual DKMS Gala: a champagne draped halter gown, also with a plunging neckline. Both very strong and sexy looks, demonstrating the everlasting appeal of Halston’s designs as well as the fact that the brand’s pieces look fantastic on black women of any height, style or shape.

Whenever I think of Halston, supermodel Pat Cleveland comes to mind as she was one of the faces and original models for the brand in the 1970’s, earning the title of “Halstonette” along with Anjelica Huston.

She was the epitome of glamour and beauty at the time, garnering popularity worldwide for her amazing hair, great smile and svelte physique. She was one of the first women of color whose beauty was appreciated on a global scale and if you think Naomi Campbell invented the fierce runway look, you’re wrong: that is all thanks to Mrs. Cleveland.

I cannot help but get a sense of nostalgia when looking at Michelle Obama and Solange Knowles, harking back to a time when Pat Cleveland made every black woman lust after a Halston dress. The current Creative Director for the brand, Marios Schwab even decided to use predominantly black models for his Fall 2011 runway show, channeling Cleveland and her 1970’s chic.

Is Halston becoming the go-to brand for glamorous black women all over again? Who would you like to see in the brand and how do you feel about Halston’s designs?

-Faith Cummings

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