The weather is warming up and the sun is high in the sky. Changing seasons not only mean transitioning our wardrobes but revamping our hairstyles to reflect a new carefree attitude. Put away the heavy pomades and flatirons; summer is for loose, lightweight hair. Here are four styles that will carry you through summer with your crown and glory in tact.

1. Curly Fro

What says summer fun more than the larger-than-life curly fro? Natural sisters have known the power of the curly fro for years but this look can be achieved for everyone by using a curl defining product like Miss Jessie’s or Mixed Chicks and taking down a braid out or twist out. It’s fluff and go hair that will say “I’m having too much fun to care about fussy styles!”

2. Short & Sweet

When the weather heats up, the last thing we want to be worried about is sweating out our hair. This is a time when those with long hair do care! If you’ve been on the fence about sporting a cropped ‘do, the summer is the perfect time to pull of the sheers and go short and sweet.

3. High Ponytail

If cutting your locks is not an option but you want to revamp your long style, why not rock a high ponytail? Pulling your hair up gives more attention to your sun-kissed skin and smile! Grab a lightweight hair polish like Carol’s Daughter Weightless Shine Mist and go!

4. Bold Color

Coloring your hair sends a bold signal and blonde, auburn red or an off the wall pink or blue may be just what your tresses need! If you’re hesitant about dye, try a few faux pieces that can serve as highlights until you get the hang of it.

What is your new hair-itude for the coming summer months?

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  • Wello

    i love rocking a curly fro
    i wish i could get my braid outs on point. it always ends up looking dry and frizzy, my hair doesn’t seem to like holding the braid out pattern sigh

  • Alex12

    Short hair is ugly, weaves(high ponytail) look a mess, and bold colors are for clowns. Give me some nappy nappy hair please! Curly, super kinky, whatever. I love huge Afro-textured hair. It’s a lot better than the thin damaged European/Asian imitation mess I see on MOST women’s heads now-a-days. Black men like natural hair a lot better than weaves and <<<- that.

  • Alexandra

    I’ll probably get some box braids for the summer. My hair tangles a lot too, and to top that, I’m lazy with my hair.

    Thanks DeePDX for sharing your tips. If only I had luck with the tangle teezer :-/

  • BluTopaz

    re: moisturizing, technique is as important as product. I used to do the standard leave-in, moisturize and oil seal on freshly washed hair that was blotted with a tee shirt. My hair would still get so dry, and by accident I realized letting my hair air dry while it is in a loose afro (no braids, twists, nada) until it’s just damp. Then I braid it to keep the tangles away, and I get moist, soft, buttery hair for days with a nice gloss. So i guess before, I was moisturizing the water in my hair instead of my hair, if that makes any sense.

    • BluTopaz

      meant to say, i add my leave in, Shea Moisture Smoothie and seal with oil when it’s barely damp, then braid.