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  • chanelA

    idk about this. i like the dancing n stuff but i cant stand when older women try to act super young and want to be 20 years old forever. grow up! please! isnt she like 40? why is she still making childish teenybopper sounding songs? she sounds way better when she did her cover of “feelin good” and “tainted love” back with PCD and “scream” with keri hilson and timbaland. i wish some women would realize that its okay to be a grown up and stop being so afraid of not being a 20 year old anymore. its not cute.

    • bria

      It sounds like a Rihanna track!!!!! Sounds like “whats my name.”

    • copelli21

      I think she’s like 33.

    • Elle

      UMMMM @chanelA stopbeinahater.com,

      How old are you? Because you will be 33, 40 years old at a point in your life so why
      are you judging Nicole. She’s 33 yrs old, she looks good.

      Grow Up. When are women going stop being haters. If its not the young one talking shit about older women, its older talkin mess about the you the young ones.

      Who said the after you turn thrity, you no longer have the right to be sexy, have fun, talk about whatever the eff you feel like. Umm, what is this unoffical rule that 20 somethings take over and run shit. Seriously, its getting old. You have women in their 50s, 40s, 30, who look good. Period.

      Is the song a Mary J Blige hit, No. Does Nicole have Janet Jackson’s swag, No but she’s doin her thing. I not even feelin her music like that but she’s okay.

      You sound real pity. Cause when that 20 something makes a smart ass remark about your age when you become 30, you will be pissed too.

    • chanelA

      @elle sweety CHILL OUT!!omg the word “hater” is so annoying. did i ever say she didnt look good? NO. and yes i know i will be in my 30s and 40s one day and when i do im not gonna act like the immature young girls that you’re accusing me of being. why is it so bad that i said that grown women should act like grown women and not 20 year olds? have you seen the real housewives of atlanta? they act like petty catty middle school girls and that is NOT cute. if you wanna defend immature adults and call me a “hater” for me not wanting to grow up and be one then go ahead.

      i dont understand why women who know better feel the need to “keep up” wth little ass girls who are still learning and making there mistakes in life. who are young ladies gonna look up to and ask for advice when mama and grandmama are in the club passing out drunk and leaving home with random men cause they wannabe 21 forever? sure have your fun and nothing wrong with being sexy but lets have some class and grow up a bit.

      also theres a HUGE difference between sexy and trashy. i see so many 50+ women wearing some hoochie ass stuff while out with their grandkids thinking they fit in and can still run with the youngins. NO! im not saying to wear a moo moo or housedress but damn dress like the sophisticated LADY who knows better that you are.

  • @bria, it’s so true this does sound like Rihanna’s song.I wish that nicole would give it a rest already.The song is contrived and she looks a little too old for this.

  • Elle

    I even understand what chanel A is saying, she is right it is okay to be grown, be an adult and Nicole shouldn’t make teenybopper music.

    But what you may or may not understand, Nicole just like Janet, just like Madonna who is older than both of them. Their artists, their whole vibe and what they do consist of youthful music, being and appearing young. They have a modern youthful vibe about them that will always be there, I mean forever.

    Yes I agree that they should evolve and be women, they don’t have to stay in their twenties, I bet if you asked them, they like where they’re at, But they wil never look frumpy or old or not put together, its not going to happen.

    I think the word I was trying to think of is trendy. TRENDY folks. These women are modern and trendy, fashion foward (though at times they don’t get it right when it comes to their clothes) but they are current.

    Maybe someone can help me understand this because I’ve always been confused. Why do alot of young people think its cool to be “young” and think they will “young” forever.

    1. When your a teenager, even in your 20s, your ass is broke, you can’t drink, well your not suppose to drink. You can’t go to the clubs, though alot do.

    2. Most of you don’t have a damn car. Or you driving around in a damn bucket that you bought got $500 dollars.

    3. You don’t have a place to live on your own, and still livin’ with your damn mama.
    Unless you go to college and have your own dorm room, or you livin’ with roommates.

    4. What’s up with your credit cards, NOTHING!!!! You ain’t got no damn credit established yet.

    5. For the most part, alot of young people hang out at someone’s house for fun, parties, socializing, because you don’t have the type of money to……

    6. ……GO TO A damn concert, restaurant, movie, cruise, travel aboard, get a damn passport…….DO GROWN PEOPLE SHIT!!!

    7. The best thing a young ass guy can do these days, if that, is take you to Sizzler for the ALL-YOU-CAN EAT Buffet. And think he doin something. And the young ass girl he took on the date would think that is the shit.

    In conclusion, I am trying to say that, your still young even after turning 18, turning 21.
    Your considered an adult but you are building yourself up, your establishing yourself in the world and for the most adults that is in their 30s and 40s. There are alot of broke ass old people, who don’t have their shit together too don’t get me wrong and that’s even worse.

    Unless you are the founder of Facebook, who at 26 became a billionarie, that is not happening for alot of people. Save your money, invest in stocks and come up people. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • snickerz

    …….this should be Rihanna’s song.

    Nonetheless, it’s cute