Think Mama Oprah doesn’t curse? Think again.

Even the “Live Your Best Life” mogul says she was heated after Jennifer Hudson stood her up only to arrive to her show hours late.  The entire incident was chronicled on an episode of Behind the Scenes: Season 25 on OWN, but recently Oprah spoke more in depth about what happened to Entertainment Weekly, hinting that she made sure the episode was edited down to be less bleep filled.

“That was a lot of high drama because we’ve never been stood up before.  Everybody was mad. I wanted to make sure that there was not one single thing in that episode that had anything to do with us being mad or upset in that moment. It was dramatic.”

Though she had done a sound check for her appearance on The Oprah Show, J-Hud quietly flew to Texas to fit in a gig the night before she was slated to appear on the show.  When the singer got delayed due to severe snow storms, the staff of Oprah’s show went into full meltdown mode.  Oprah says she was personally upset as well.

“Nobody has ever not shown up, ever. Especially if they were here the night before.”

While it may take some time for Jennifer Hudson to get back in her good graces, Oprah says she is focusing her efforts on bigger things- first and foremost getting her network to the level she envisions.

“I feel like I have not begun to give anything to OWN. It’s going to improve exponentially with the amount of time and service I can give…It’s not where I want it to be.”

On Friday, OWN announced that Christina Norman would be stepping down as head of the network.  Oprah says she intends to direct her full attention to OWN after her show wraps up.  The final episode of The Oprah Show is set to air May 25.

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  • Lisa

    Oprah is so full of herself it amazes me that anyone watches her show. The level of arrogance which she displays both on and off television is beyond ridiculous. The fact that Jennifer Hudson was in the city the day before means nothing at all…she had another engagement to attend and unfortunately she got stuck there. Oprah needs to get over herself and everyone who holds her is such high regard needs to open their eyes because she is truly a racist person. She hugs just about every black person that comes on her show while white people usually get a handshake unless they happen to be very wealthy then they get a hug. Oprah constantly cuts off the guests and talks over them and tries to sound like an authority on every subject. People need to wake up and see her for what she really is.

    • Kim

      Racist? Oprah caters to White folk. Are you freaking kidding me? You have just told me who you really are. LOL! Your slip is showing.

  • zy

    As much as I love Oprah… I’m gonna need her to sit her ass down with this crap. J-Hud is in the process of promoting her album, she’s a business in and of herself and she must maintain herself and her ventures as such. Oprah should understand this. ok, so she got caught up in a snowstorm and ended up delayed… she’s not God, she can’t control the weather and while I understand Oprah being upset, this whole idea of J-hud needing to “get back in her good graces” is ridiculous. stop it.