After months of lackluster ratings and internal dissatisfaction, Christina Norman head of OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network has been dismissed.

The news comes after weeks of internal debate how to move the network forward. After dealing with low ratings for most of its programming in the past four months since its start, OWN’s board decided to let go of Norman, former president of MTV.

The network, joint owned by Discovery and Oprah, will now be lead by Peter Liguori, the chief operating officer for Discovery Communications. Liquori, who previously served as president of entertainment for the Fox Broadcasting Company, will running the show at OWN through the end of the year and possibly longer as the board scouts for someone to pus at the helm.

As Oprah’s Farewell 25th season comes to an end, Oprah will be taking on a major role at OWN. In an email to OWN staff, Oprah cited the May 25th end date saying:

“I will soon be able to turn my full energies to working with you all.” She added, “I remain confident that the vision/mission that we established for OWN will be achieved — and we will do it together — as a team.”

Speaking to The New York Times, Liquori said that Norman’s dismissal was a “natural transformational moment” for OWN. He says that the network’s past four months have provided insights for the way forward and that were “straightforward how-to shows and darker subject matter don’t work as well as shows that are more clearly entertaining.”

“I think you’re gonna see more joy on the network. Every single one of Oprah’s shows should be purposeful but the price of entry for that purpose — that show’s intent, its message, its takeaway — is that you are entertained.”

What are your thoughts for Oprah’s network moving forward?  Do you watch regularly or have a favorite show? Is more light-hearted programming the answer to OWN’s ratings slump?  Tell us what you think Clutchettes- share your thoughts!

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