Every time I see the commercials for the film Bridesmaids, I laugh incessantly. The film—starring one of our favorite funny girls Maya Rudolph—is about a group of friends who gear up to send their homegirl off with a bang before she gets hitched. Think: A female version of The Hangover.

Although I’ve never been a bridesmaid, I’ve heard tons of war stories about exactly what goes on when you’re charged with helping your friend get down the aisle. And it isn’t always pretty.

Watching the trailer for Bridesmaids made me think about all the buddy movies I’ve loved over the years. The Goonies, Hangin’ With the Homeboys, The Best Man, Clueless, and Mean Girls come to mind as just a few of my favorite flicks about friendship.

Not only do I love films that showcase the complex (and hilarious) bonds between friends, but also the best part about friend films is rounding up your crew and watching the movie together.

So while I’ll be heading to the theater with my girls this weekend to see Bridesmaids, Clutchettes and Gents, tell me…

What’s your favorite friend flick?

Let’s talk about it!

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