Monday was my birthday, and for me, birthdays typically trigger a time of reflection. Each birthday I practice a sort of beginning of the year check-up. Not only do I like to reflect on the past year of my life, but I also like to set my intentions and plan my goals for the next year. Moreover because my birthday also falls in the middle of the year, it serves as a good mid-point for reevaluating the goals I set at the beginning of the year and focus again on my vision.

In addition to continuing to live a healthier lifestyle, this year I plan on continuing to pursue my passion, hopefully transforming it from side-hustle to a fulltime gig within the next few years. To make this happen I’ve planned out several simple steps—such setting aside specific times to work my craft, and actively seeking out projects—I need to take in order to reach my goals.

With proper planning, a touch of will power, and a dose of commitment I know I can reach my goals.

But what about you Clutchettes and Gents? Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Let’s talk about it!


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