We all know designer runways and top fashion magazines are great places to seek inspiration and get a first-hand look at the latest trends. But here at C+C, we’re more interested in seeing clothes and accessories worn the real way by real people! Every month or so, we select a particular reader whose sense of fashion sets him/her apart from the rest. “Muse” is meant to be a platform of great style and individuality, and will hopefully inspire other readers to continue looking their best and experimenting fearlessly with their own wardrobes!

Name: Anequa Campbell

Age: 26

Location: DC

Occupation: Law Student/Blogger

C+C: Tell us about personality and background and how it’s reflected in your style.

Anequa: I’m a second year law student. I was born in Jamaica and moved to the States when I was 12– to New York. I’m a New Yorker do or die! When I was growing up, the women around me never wore pants. They were quite traditonal and had a classic look. It gave me a penchant for wearing dresses. I even have memories of my mom gardening in a dress!

C+C: Aside from the women in your family, where do you draw your inspiration? Who are your style icons?

Anequa: I love Audrey Hepburn– so femimine, so classy! That’s what I aim to look like! Also the cast of Gossip Girls, their wardrobe is off the chain. Zoe Saldana is underrated but I love what she does. Kerry Washington, too.

C+C: If we took a peek in your bag right now, what would we find?

Anequa: Lipgloss! I never leave the house without it. I love Lancome Juicy Tubes and lipsticks. They’re so pigmented and come in such pretty colors. A pair of shades, my ipod, mirror and a book called Should You Be A Lawyer (laughs).

C+C: What trends you feeling for summer 2011?

Anequa: Ultra ladylike, all the chiffon so feminine and soft. The brights, of course. I’ll be colorblocking a lot!

C+C: Define your personal style in 5 words.

Anequa: Eclectic yet classic, expressive, bold and elegant.

We couldn’t agree more! For more information and to check out Anequa’s ultra-fem style visit her blog, Irie Chic.

-Channing Hargrove

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