Is following your ex on Twitter the digital indicator for backsliding? Many of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s fans sure seem to think so.

In the latest chapter of their story, the two stars reunited via Twitter, choosing to follow each other on the social media site. And while normally a new follow doesn’t make the news, for Rihanna and Chris Brown, their Twitter connect is making headlines.

TMZ first pointed out that the two had recently “hooked up” on Twitter, asking the question: “Who is stupider? Him or Her?” And while the verdict is still out on that, I had to wonder if it all was an overreaction.

Rihanna certainly seemed to think so, pointing out to a fan critical of her choice tweeting: “its f*cking twtter, not the alter! calm down.”

Today, on theGrio, Ronda Racha Penrice makes an interesting argument in response to fans who say they expected more of Rihanna after being assaulted by Chris, writing:

Fans and others who want Rihanna to serve as the face of intimate partner violence overlook the fact that she never willingly left Brown. The restraining order against Brown was the judge’s doing and not Rihanna’s. In fact, Rihanna did not press charges against Brown. Instead, she simply co-operated with the investigation and, had the assault case gone to trial, Rihanna would have testified only because the law required her to do so.

Personally, I am not sure how to feel about the latest development in this saga. Honestly, I am less confused by Rihanna and Chris following each other on Twitter than I am by the reactions to the two reconnecting.

From Rihanna consenting to a judge lifting the restraining order on Chris to her own admission to the incessant messages through song from her ex (“She Ain’t You”, “Crawl”), there was no doubt that neither of the two stars had fully closed that chapter of their lives. And while she did not take out her frustrations by hurling a chair through a window at Good Morning America’s studios, Rihanna has on more than one occasion expressed that she would rather not speak or think about the incident with Brown.

For more than a year now, the media has dissected Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship, the now infamous incident and subsequent storylines as well. Just last month Chris Brown’s mother said that she believed her son needed to “talk openly” about what happened with Rihanna in order to fully get past it. Now as the two connect on Twitter it seems the question everyone wants to know of the two superstars is: are they or will they ever be over each other?

Whether or not Rihanna and Chris Brown wind up connecting off Twitter remains to be seen. But in the end, I think fans of both artists have to remember that whatever path these two take on or offline is their choice.

What’s your take on the hoopla surrounding Rihanna and Chris Brown’s Twitter connect? Is it backsliding or no big deal?

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