They’re both two beautiful people, but are Rihanna and Reggie Bush really dating?

According to sources, the pop star and football play were set up on a date by their public relations teams. Though the two are keeping quiet on the date, those close to the two say that they saw sparks and that there was “definitely physical attraction” between the them.


Rihanna would certainly be he biggest name Reggie’s been linked to since his infamous ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian and for Rihanna, dating Reggie would be the first jump back into the romance scene since splitting with Matt Kemp (and that brief Colin Farrell blip). And while no one can say for sure if the two really are the next it couple, the entire story makes me wonder: who would I trust to set me up on a date?

The right matchmaker is usually someone who knows you best, but often they can have a blind spot in their judgment.  While girlfriends would seem the sure bet in setting up dates, I have to say the most successful encounters often were set up by people who knew me in a more limited sense.  After taking the nice old lady at work’s advice and going on a date with a “handsome young man” she knew I’d like, I ended up meeting a guy I dated for a year and a half.

Now, don’t get me wrong- I’ve been set up on blind dates by friends who had “the perfect guy” or “who I’ve been talking to you about for ages now” type men. But speaking as someone who has sat through a few of those dates and phone conversations thinking “I’m gonna kill _________” when this is over, I know that trusting others with my love life can be a risk.

If nothing else, the set up can teach you to be open with your heart and it’s a small leap that if it works can lead to fireworks.  But who would you trust to let you take that leap?  Is there someone or no chance in the world?

Who would you trust to set you up on a date and who will you never trust again? Tell us what you think Clutchettes- share your thoughts!

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