Rihanna “Man Down”


Thanks YBF!

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  • char

    i feel she sold out. she’s only doing this caribbean thing to garner some interest and some cash. she probably don’t even care bout the caribbean any more. i wonder if they even had to bring a bajan in to teach her to talk/sing like home folk again. this stuff right here pissed me off when sean paul became really hot in the US and now Ri Ri doing it, you push some give me a run and some boogles up in the joint, trill your tongue and yay mega hit. i’m not saying she can’t sing R&B, Pop, Rock but I know as a true island girl all day everyday you couldn’t stop me from being on my roots ALL DAY not just when i need the money. typical she gon foreign and started yankin

    • titilayo

      As a Bajan myself, one of the things I appreciate about Rihanna is that whenever I hear her in interviews and at awards shows and the like is that she sounds like she’s from Barbados – you can hear her accent loud and clear. Jay-Z even teased her about it when they accepted a Grammy together. Plus she visits Barbados regularly and shouted out to her country just recently at some major awards show (the Billboards, I think). I mean, if you don’t like Rihanna, you don’t like her, but at least let it be for a real reason.

  • Tamara

    Great video, great powerful message. Heck if Quentin Tarantino (a male) can pen vendetta flicks (Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, et al), why can’t a singer in a music video do the same? I love it for its entertainment (narrative) value and I love for its message (action/reaction/remorse/etc.).

    • apples (bb)

      Quentin Tarantino: all-time favorite director :-)

  • Leonie UK

    I love this track, fav from the album, and no I’m not a Riri fan. Glad she branched into different genres of music. After all, just because she’s from the West Indies, does not mean she has to only play on her caribbean roots. Caribbean has much more to offer.