Kelly Rowland and Louisianimal Lil’ Wayne will undoubtedly be blamed for countless conceptions with their uber sexy No. 1 single “Motivation.”

Anyone with a pulse and access to mainstream music has likely not only heard the sheet twisting banger, but has also probably found him or herself moving to what countless members of the Twitterverse have unofficially dubbed their summer trouble anthem.

Rowland’s last No. 1 song was the 2002 forbidden love, collaborative effort “Dilemma” with Nelly. “Motivation” is an unlikely mash-up with Wayne, and it reminded audiences that Rowland’s new sultry side is here to stay.

Gone are the days of the cute, slender, cocoa skinned songstress playing first runner-up to blonde bombshell Beyonce. In a decidedly dark, sweaty alley video, which included Rowland’s surgically altered (hello boobies!) physique in a royal purple monokini, the former Destiny’s Child songstress showcased an ability to stand in her own black light styled limelight.

Bills must be paid. And the decision to sex up her image nearly a decade after the ballad with Nelly will undoubtedly profit the singer. Enough time elapsed so that her transformation cannot logically be perceived as overnight raunchiness or attention “thirst.”

Rowland is being affirmed as a late bloomer in the aesthetic world of popular culture.

She’s like the nice girl next door who everyone knew was capable of achieving wider appeal, although it is interesting that it took body modifications, chair grinding and “make me rain” lyricism to secure her spot at the grown and sexy table. Beyonce has been gyrating in stilettos, tossing honey tresses and nabbing advertisement deals for years.

In an industry that associates eroticism, talent and commercial viability, it is probable that Rowland’s decision to showcase a more adult side before gravity, age and disinterest prevail, earned her a few more years of relevance. With more than 14 million YouTube views for the video, we are reminded that sex still sells.

The only question remaining now is how many units? Her third album, Here I Am, is slated for a fall release.

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  • Pinkchameleon

    All of the reviewers are on point. I am terribly conflicted about this one. My first time seeing the video was last night. I love the song, but I’m a music junkie. Pre-video I felt like I was listening to a sexy exchange between 2 lovers! Wonderful! When the video began I felt like I had entered Sodom and Gomorrha, which is a little disturbing. Equally disturbing was the fact that Kelly’s beauty seemed twisted and dark. Even the still shots of the video make her look a little more scary than sexy. I believe the song would have done well without going so far left with the video because it is a true work of art. The video does key in on the fact that immorality or the illusion of immorality sells in America. I applaude her success with the song but really wish that I hadn’t seen that video. (Which is probably why I normally don’t watch them) I also thought the cut with Nelly was really nice too. Kelly please continue making songs with lots of meaning, clever lyrics and dominating beats, but please rethink the videos.

  • damidwif

    i thought i didn’t really like this song, because when i first heard it, i was in the car with my kids and as i listened to the lyrics, it made me uncomfortable. i was glad that it was kelly though i didn’t recognize her voice from the onset.

    however, after just having watched this video for the second time on this site, i realized that the music sounds really good…i’m all about beats and stuff….BUT the whole thing would have been better, sexier if lil wayne was NOT in it. that doesn’t turn me on. why do all of our slow and sexy songs gotta have a rap verse? i know he’s catchy or whatever, but it didn’t used to be like that when women sang r & b like before.