When you transition from relaxed to natural, your regimen for getting ready for bed becomes a tad more involved than just wrapping your hair in a silk scarf. Concerns about anti-frizzing and keeping your style and curls in place come to mind. No need to worry; we researched some helpful tips that make this task very simple. Here are four.

1. Create a Mist

A mist of water and essential oils is a good base for coating the hair before retiring for the night. Your scalp will thank you.

2. Seal in Moisture

Protect and seal the most fragile part of your hair by adding a small amount of castor oil to your ends.

3. All Satin Everything

Invest in satin pilllow cases or caps that won’t suck moisture away from your hair. Cotton dries the hair and will cause lint.

4. Refresh Curls in the Morning

If your hair is curly, look no further than Kinky Curly for that quick refresh in the morning. Take a small amount of Kinky Curly curling custard and smooth evenly through your hands then place your hands through your hair starting from the roots to your ends. Just a tiny amount will give your curls extra shine and keep them in place throughout the day.

How do you tie up your natural hair at night?


-Lana Leazer

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