In anticipation of the release of its first scripted series, Vh1 recently released a sneak peak of the show “Single Ladies.”

Produced by Queen Latifah and her partner Shakim Compere, “Single Ladies” follows three friends—Val, April, and Christina—as they build businesses, find and lose love, and live the good life in Atlanta.

According to Latifah, “‘Single Ladies’ is a sexy and smart show…something that we feel TV has been missing for far too long and we knew VH1 was the perfect home for it.”

Here’s hoping it lives up to the hype!

Check out a sneak peak of ‘Single Ladies.’ Will you be tuning in May 30th?

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  • Lynaya

    I really want to watch to support a Black show but….the acting looks horrid-especially Stacey. And I am not with that whole white character obligation. They don’t have a token Black person most of the time, why do we need a white chick? And why isn’t this on BET? This show is not original….side eye

  • Afiya

    yo Jess wtf white women getting everything with Queen Latifah as a writer? uh no, not gonna happen. Stacey Dash looks great – I’ll be checkin it.

  • Keron

    Seems a bit off to me, this was already taped and it is just a movie, that Vh1 has cut down to a few episodes won’t be watching…

  • RockRach


    Not a fan of that acting. The white girl’s fake accent (“Calm down! Ya’ll act like I’m cheatin on ya!” Riiiight). Just doesn’t look good.

    And what do they mean its the kind of show TV’s been missing for a long time? Like, since SATC went off air? At least that show was witty (and well acted).