It is hard to let your winter wardrobe go when this Spring’s weather has been completely unpredictable. A warm day makes way to a chilly night and a rainy weekend, thus keeping the cozy pieces around just seems to make the most sense.

Finally, warm weather has set in and with it the need to store your furs, boots and other wintry items. Naturally, this must be done with extreme care because no one wants to have their amazing knits ravaged by the summer heat and moisture.

Here are some tips to let your winter wardrobe hibernate in style.

1. Make sure everything is clean before storage.

This might mean a trip to the dry cleaners, an hour spent hand washing and a few loads of laundry, but it will be well worth it. When the air chills and you need to pull your fabulous pieces out, you want them in the best shape ever.

2. Keep it smelling sweet with scented sachets.

There’s nothing like the summer heat to leave an unpleasant stench on your clothing. Throw Brooks Brothers’ Gingham Lavender Sachets ($35) in with your pieces and keep them smelling great for months at a time.

3. De-pill sweaters with a high-quality fabric shaver.

No one likes a pilling sweater so avoid that at all costs with Brookstone’s Fabric Shaver. ($25)

4. Store sweaters in large Ziploc bags, then in plastic containers and include some Irish Spring soap to deter moths.

This might sound like a very meticulous process, but it ensures keeping your prized knits forever. Large ZiplocĀ® bags keep everything nicely organized and you can even label them to keep track. Plastic containers from the Container Store are perfect for maximizing your space and Irish Spring is an old trick to keep the moths at bay.

5. Hang furs in standing garment bags in a cool area.

Furs are some of the most expensive items you own and it would be tragic to see them lose their luster. The Container Store has a great array of hanging garment bags to choose from. Also, keep them in a cool area so that the fur does not start to crack with the heat.

6. Clean shoes with a shoe brush or polish with leather cream. Stuff with tissue paper to help them keep their shape.

Harsh winters lead to worn down shoes covered in grime, salt and other things. Make sure to clean your footwear with a Shoe Brush ($4.99 at CVS) or Shoe Mgk’s Leather Cream ($24.95) if necessary. Also, stuff your shoes with tissue paper to keep them in tip top shape.

Have you started your spring cleaning? How do you store your favorite wintry pieces?

-Faith Cummings

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