Back together for another collaboration, T-Pain and Chris Brown serve up their video for “Best Love Song.” What do you think of the ‘Nappy Boy’ and ‘Pretty Boy’ duo’s latest pairing? Share your thoughts Clutchettes!

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  • JustSaying…

    Not feeling it. Music today sucks!

  • i would love to say and the Whitification continues… but I dont want fools to come in here and try and argue with me about how Eurocentric ideals are completely bogus and that im crazy… i cant argue with fools, so im just going to say.. i like this song… that is all.

  • shantel


  • Please Believe

    Who, exactly, is the target audience for this song? what’s going on? all those white people in the video, and that white girl, as sort of “the girl” in the video?
    Umm, FAIL…..good luck to them though. I have when artists use people of color to get where they want to be, then decides to just dismiss us to get ahead. I think black sites and BET should stop promoting their music…this video is straight disrespectful.

    • allie


  • allie

    i loveeee this song!!! makes me wanna dance!