From Frugivore —  Yesterday, Marie Claire gave the LGBT world a breath of fresh air through publishing “I Was Born A Boy,” which detailed Janet Mock’s account of growing up transgender.

As Janet shared her struggles, from her family rejecting her gender identity to finally garnering her mother’s support in pursuing gender reassignment surgery, some important issues were highlighted, particularly around the unsupervised use of female hormone drugs among transgender women.

In the story, Janet revealed that she bought her first set of female hormone pills from her good friend, Wendi.

For me, this moment came when Wendi, whom I remained friends with despite being in different schools, started taking female hormone pills. When she graduated to injections a few months later, she sold me her pills for $1 a pop. The timing was divine, as I’d already begun to detect a hint of an Adam’s apple on my throat. The changes in my 15-year-old body horrified me. Sometimes while showering, my thoughts got dark: What if I just cut this thing off? Wendi’s pills were my savior. For three months, I took estrogen and watched my body’s slow metamorphosis: softer skin, budding breasts, a fuller face. But I knew that taking them without the supervision of a doctor was risky. I needed someone to monitor my progress.


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