Derrick Rose may be MVP, but there’s no doubting who is Chicago’s biggest star player. Yes, that’s right. You guessed it: Oprah.

ESPN Radio reports that the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat have to reschedule the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals because Winfrey is taping her “Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular” at the United Center on the day they were supposed to face off.


It seems even with the new Big Three coming into town, United Way Arena has blocked out slots solely for Oprah’s much anticipated final show. So instead of the trifecta that is Lebron, D. Wade and Gabrielle Union (sorry Bosh) flying in for their Tuesday date that’s been on the NBA calendar for months, the entire Heat organization will be playing Game 1 in the Windy City, the preceding Sunday afternoon.

Always good for a memorable quote, TNT’s Charles Barkley told ESPN Radio how he heard of the rescheduling:

“We just got the e-mail saying we were supposed to start next Tuesday, but Oprah has it then. So they said, well let’s do it Monday. Oprah is having one of her last shows, so she’s got the United Center locked up. They’re going to set up Monday and tape her show Tuesday. So they just sent out an e-mail and said prepare to go to Chicago and start Game 1 Sunday afternoon. They’re going to move it up three days, for Oprah.”

While Chuck may be flabbergasted, Oprah’s sway with the City of Chicago is no surprise. Rahm Emmanuel’s predecessor, Mayor Richard Daley, honored the mogul by naming the street outside her studio, “Oprah Winfrey Drive.”

The double taping of Oprah’s final episode will take place on May 23rd and 24th, giving the HARPO team one day to turn around what will likely be the biggest show in the talk show’s history. Ad slots for the Oprah’s farewell episode are said to be set at $1 million dollars per 30 second spot.

Well, guess we finally have the real answer to Bey’s question: Who runs the world? Oprah does.

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