Out of all the trends that come and go, rocker chic is here to stay. Pieces like leather jackets and pants and spiked accessories have always been cool, if one has the courage and style to pull them off. Fashion houses like Balmain and Alexander Wang have been champions of the trend and celebrities have followed, wearing the brands at every opportunity.

Two such celebrities trying the leather pants trends are Iman and Lala Vazquez Anthony. Both wore them with blazers and pumps: Iman in a long white dinner jacket style and red pumps while Lala opted for a cropped blue version and mesh pumps from Christian Louboutin.

It isn’t often that pants are thought of as go-to pieces for the red carpet or a high-fashion event, but both women pulled the look off effortlessly, showing us that leather does not always have to be “edgy” but can be feminine, classy and surprisingly relaxed.

Leather pants should be worn with ensembles like the above, not trying too hard or taking rocker chic to the next level with spikes and studs galore. They command attention, but the rest of your look shouldn’t as this is a case in which less is more. The quality and cut of the pants are also key: you must splurge on leather pants and judging by Iman and Lala, a skinnier straight-leg cut is ideal. They can look just as sleek as expertly-tailored trousers, but they have to be worn right.

Would you dare to rock leather pants? Are they too edgy or simply a trend that you don’t care for?

-Faith Cummings

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