Ever since Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship imploded that fateful February 2009 night, people have been talking. Their names are inextricably connected on blogs, social media, and in the minds of their fans so much so that any hint of a possible reunion is fodder for discussion.

When Rihanna agreed to lift the restraining order against Chris Brown many speculated that she was open to the possibility of a reconciliation. And after the two began following each other on Twitter, the countdown to their reunion began. Add to the gossip fodder Breezy’s  song, “She Ain’t You,” which some say is his declaration of love for RiRi, and you have a rumor mill that just won’t quit.

Recently, the blogs picked up on yet another Breezy-RiRi moment, and many are wondering if this is the beginning of a new relationship for the two.

Last night, Brown sent a tweet to Rihanna, asking if she got “the picture”. While it is unclear if he meant to send her the tweet in the first place, or if he meant to send her a direct (private) message, one thing is clear: the tweets are watching!

While it is conceivable that if the two of them really wanted to get back together and trade sexy images they could very well do so offline, the way in which our culture’s social interactions increasingly happen online make this a totally plausible explanation for Brown’s tweet.

Thinking about the (faint) possibility of a Breezy-RiRi reconnection made me wonder when is it ok to make up with an ex.

Despite what these two may or may not be doing (and, why do we still care? #lesigh), getting back with an ex who broke your heart is something that many of us have faced, or will face, a time or two in our lives.

Whether he or she broke your heart into a 50 million little pieces, or the two of you just grew apart for various reasons…is getting back with an ex ever the right move?

Speak on it, Clutchettes and Gents!


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