Girls may not actually run the world, but Beyoncé is doing her best to stay on top. Aside from covering every magazine known to man in anticipation of the release of her newest album, 4, King B has found her way into the venerable pages of Time Magazine.

Love her or hate her, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is big business. In the Time Magazine piece Douglas Wolk likens Bey to a “human stock portfolio,” taking both the business and entertainment worlds by storm.

He writes:

Beyoncé is a human stock portfolio, her blue-chip music work balanced with film roles, endorsements and fashion and fragrance lines. So it’s easy to imagine each track on 4 as a strategic investment. “I Was Here”? A partnership with balladeer Diane Warren to augment Beyoncé’s holdings in the undercapitalized schmaltz category. “I Miss You,” written by Odd Future’s Frank Ocean? A venture-capital stake in a promising hip-hop start-up.

Despite the doubters and questions wondering if Beyoncé is “over,” her stans feverishly countdown to the release of her latest album, and the competition is once again reminded that King B back for her crown.

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  • Mimi

    Considering that the first three singles she’s released from the new cd haven’t been anywhere near the Top 10 on the Billboard charts, she may have to come to the conclusion that her crown has been taken by someone else. I think “Girls” came in at #55! Something’s off and she might want to give Daddy Knowles a call to help her fix it.

  • omg

    seems like there’s a beyonce article every day.

    • titilayo

      Show that the PR machine is working, I guess.

  • The Truth

    Bey aint the Queen of anything especially not a King either, if that was the case she would be slaying male and female artist everywhere

    She has really turned people off with her Arrogant attitude, put out the goods and actually SLAY before you start claiming yourself to be a King