King B. just keeps dropping those tracks….

Beyonce is gearing up to release her latest album, 4*, in just a week and the leaks keep coming. This latest song, “Schoolin’ Life,” is an ’80s-inspired, Prince-esque joint produced by The Dream. In it, Bey shouts out the 20-somethings, 30-somethings, and 40-something women who didn’t quite turn out how their parents wanted.

Backed by synthesizers and a retro drum machine that makes me want to tease my hair and throw on my best Punky Brewster-inspired outfit, Bey sings:

I’m not a teacher, baby, but I can teach you somethin’
Not a preacher, but we can pray if you wanna
Ain’t a doctor, but I can make you feel better
But I’m great at writing physical love letters
I’m a freak, all day and all night…

Well damn.

Schoolin’ Life – Beyoncé by HDMI44


What say you Clutchettes and Gents…love it or leave it alone?


*This song will appear on an exclusive Deluxe release of 4, available only at Target.

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  • Smur Burry

    Not a good look at all. This is a song for someone else not Beyonce. She needs to get back to doing black music and stop running away from her black roots. They have been dumbing down black music for the last couple years and It’s not appreciated. Taking out the soul and rhythm and depth out of our music is a clever way of dismantling the community. Wack Wack Wack. It’s a decent song, but I expect better from someone of her caliber. Black artist need to stop chasing the “white-sound” and get back to making good black music. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • ms. complexity

    Smur Burry –

    You are entitled to your opinion – but oh, what an ignorant one it is.

    What is ‘Black music’? What is ‘white sound’? What is wrong with Black artists dabbling in europop, soul, country, alternative, hard rock, etc.? Especially when Black artists of yore influenced SO MANY music genres that are considered ‘white’.

    Expand your mind. You might like something different than the so-called ‘Black sound’…whatever the hell that is.

  • Mar

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This song has been on repeat. It puts me in such a good mood instantaneously. As soon as it started I loved it… I love the throwback Teena Marie/Prince type feel it has… which if you ask me is good R&B (black music lol)…

    But on another note, when a person is cultured and world traveled and just not closed-minded in general, they tend to step out of their own social norms that society will place upon them. Beyonce has been all over the world several times- shes world famous. Do you expect her to make just ‘black music’ (term used loosely) ? She shouldnt be limited to what kind of music she makes based on her skin color. If that were the case, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Flo-rida, Akon, Usher, Nicki Minaj and countless others would have reached even less people… And we wouldnt have loved the likes of Adele, Amy Winehouse, Teena Marie, Eminem, Jon B, Robin Thicke, JoJo, because they are of the caucasian persuasian as they apparently should have been sticking to ‘their’ music (country, rock, pop, etc.)… That would be a sad world. Music is the international language honey! All of her music still has a R&B base, just touches of pop and rock influences. Whats the harm in that?