Any basketball follower knows that Ron Artest has come a long way since his infamous brawl at the Palace back in 2006. But while five years can change a lot, the one thing that remains unchanged is that the man is, well let’s just say it, off.

In the latest chapter of the saga that is Ron Artest’s rollercoaster life, the Los Angeles Laker forward has decided he no longer wants to be known by the name is parents gave him 31 years ago. According to reports, Artest (born Ronald William Artest Jr.) has asked his layer to file a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday so he can change his name to: Metta World Peace.

While this story is insane already in many different ways, in some ways Ron Ron’s latest stunt is not the most interesting part of the story. As a fan of the game I have to worker how the league will react to his name change. I mean if “World” is not a middle name, can “World-Peace” fit on the back of his gold and purple yellow jersey?

The court date to determine whether Artest’s petition will be granted is set for August 25th. In the meantime, the baller will be busy will working on his upcoming reality show “Last Second Shot.” The show will feature Artest mentoring a group of parolees as they reclaim their lives and get back on their feet.

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