Cornrows are out. French rolls are long gone. But the french braid is back and hotter than ever.

Yes, braids are nothing new to us. We all grew up being wearing countless braids and ponytails adorned with barrettes in every color of the rainbow but this isn’t your mother’s hairstyle. It’s super chic and perfect for the girl-on-the-go.

The beautiful thing about this trend is that it’s super easy to do and is very versatile. It works for natural and relaxed hair and can be worn for any occasion from weddings to a leisure day of running errands. Everyone from Ciara to Zoe Saldana have all been seen wearing the trendy new french braid.

Check out some of the ways your favorite celebrities have used braided hairstyles to make a statement.

What do you think of this new trend? Will you be rocking a braided hairstyle?

-Blake Von D

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  • omg

    i can’t stand when someone writes ‘this style is out…this style is in…’

    real women with style can rock something whether it seems the thing to do now or not.

    look at grace coddington. hello? hair blown out hair, practically nappy…lol.

    anna wintour? she’s been wearing the same hairstyle for at least ten years.

    it depends on the woman and her level of confidence, sense of self and style.

    so no. cornrows are not out and neither are french rolls, whatever those are.

    tomorrow some famous hairstylist might throw somebody’s hair in cornrows and it will be, ‘cornrows are in. french braids are out.’

    lol. please.

    • Smith

      I agree with you OMG

  • me