Let’s be clear, I don’t hate Chris Brown. I think he’s a great musician, talented dancer, and potentially one of the biggest stars of our generation. Because of this, however, it pains me to see him jeopardize his career time and time again because he can’t keep his mouth shut.

Blame Twitter or Facebook or the blogs. Whatever the case may be Breezy needs new people.  Someone to pull his card and tell him when to just STFU.

Just when I think I’m over the incident and can view him on the basis of his music alone, something happens—a chair through the window, hurling homophobic slurs on Twitter, acting out at the paparazzi. There’s always something.

There’s always an offending act, a bullshit apology, and then everyone moves on….until the next incident happens.

But apparently, Chris is sick of apologizing. Recently he took to Twitter to vent a little frustration, I assume, after his latest stunt with the paparazzi.


Earlier in the week Breezy accused the paps of tipping off parking enforcement on his illegally parked car and he wasn’t happy about it.

He yelled, “Y’all n–as is weak. Did you call them to try and film me? Y’all n—as is gay!”

This wasn’t Brown’s first anti-gay rant (remember the Raz B situation?), nor his first “I love my gay fans!” apology.

But perhaps it will be his last?

Chris took to Twitter wondering, “Can I live?” Accusing the haters or the media or whomever of being “thirsty” by latching onto his every word. Perhaps if he spent less time engaging in public spats and temper tantrums we wouldn’t be so critical of his actions

But until then…the tweets are watching.

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  • I really wish that he would hire a GREAT publicist and learn how to STFU… I also wish that he would either let someone professional control his Twitter or to delete it again altogether. Everything that he says/does beyond making music, makes him look absolutely stupid, arrogant, and childish. If he wants people to respect him for his “craft”, he should just make music and STFU for the rest of the time. I used to stick up for him because he was from VA but Twitter definitely let his idiocy show to the masses.