There’s something so beautiful, powerful and commanding about a close-up album cover. Over the years, everyone from our most beloved icons like Sade to young, contemporary starlets like Rihanna have let their natural beauty shine through a face shot on the cover of their LPs.

Kelly Rowland is the latest songstress to embrace the trend with her album cover for “I Am Here” which debuts July 28th. The cover shows Kelly’s striking features glistening with sweat including her perfect, bronzed skin, full lashes, gorgeous, thick brows and luscious nude lips.

Use these products to get Kelly Rowland’s look, minus the sweat:

What do you think of Kelly Rowland’s “Here I Am” album cover? Will you pick up her album?

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  • anonymous

    She is not a this cover aint nowhere similar to any of rihanna’s pics..smH! dont be such a hater..she is so talented, plus riri aint original.she has copied others,so call he rout..alot of artist today copy, or do something another artist has done, which some are inspired to do…i cant wait for the album, im sure it will be hott.

    • Valeisha

      Are you new to this site? Copycat is a regular column showing readers how to get the look. WE’RE the copycat getting Kelly Rowland’s look hence the makeup products. I can’t.

  • anonymous

    *her out.

  • Michael Filintzy

    I love it.Kelly’s new album is going to be a smash! Can’t wait to be the first one in the store to buy it.And by the way don’t buy Beyonce’s new album “4” she and Jay-Z is apart of the Illumnati!

  • AnonymousGuy

    Buy Kelly Rowland’s new album,”Here I Am”, it’s better than Beyonce’s album “4”. And plus Beyonce’s in the Illumnati (The Devil Worshipping Cult)!