The BBC is reporting that “hundreds of thousands” of workers in the United Kingdom’s public sector are on strike today in protest of cuts to their pensions, causing major work stoppage. Over 40 percent of state schools in England and Wales have been effected. Striking unions have claimed that proposed changes would force employees to do more work and contribute more of their income toward a reduced pension. Employees on strike include members of three teachers unions and the Public and Commercial Services Union, which has 260,000 members.

The strike has effected embassies, transportation, museums, courts and many other agencies that have public employees. Approximately one in five civil servants are on strike and are being allowed to bring their children to work during this time. Union leaders say that some 750,000 workers will be striking.

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS, told the BBC that union members were left with no choice as the government refuses to budge on pension cuts. “While they are talking, they are not negotiating,” he said in a radio interview

In a statement, Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said: “What today has shown is that the vast majority of hard working public sector employees do not support today’s premature strike…Reform of public sector pensions is inevitable, but we will ensure that public sector pensions will still be among the very best, with a guaranteed pension which very few private sector staff now enjoy. But they will be paid later because people live longer.”



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  • Leonie UK

    I support the strike wholeheartly. Those within the public sector needed to be treated better. More hours, more responsability, and less pay during and after the work ends is not exceptable.

    Children are not being taking to peoples places of work. Health and safety regulations in many frontline departments would’nt even allow it. That was a call from the PM, A man who is so far removed from everyday lives, of working families to make such a statement.

    Many are reporting that only 33% of union staffers voted for the strike, but if you see the turnouts I don’t belive the media as per usual on these grounds.

    • Bryn

      I think there are bigger problems with this country than the state of a few peoples pension, The biggest in my opinion is that our government repeatedly gives large sums of out money to other countries.
      This is why our education standards are slipping and we have the health cares district lottery, The brits just bend over and drop there pants to receive and with minimal complaint the government screws with our lives.
      We as a nation need to prove to our government that we are in charge of this country, the French don’t tolerate this kind of rubbish and bravely stand up to there government, where as the Brits only speak up when it directly affects your pocket.
      The thing that is wrong with our country isn’t out corrupt government or its inability to look after its citizens it is the fault of the people for not taking charge of our government and forceing them to bend to our will (peacefully of course).
      We run this country not them and we need to make them remember that.