While extreme sagging is a tacky and loathsome trend, something doesn’t seem right about this: 20-year-old college football player Deshon Marman was kicked off of a US Airways flight this week for wearing his pants below his waist and exposing his boxer shorts. The University of New Mexico student was flying back to Alberquerque after attending a friend’s funeral in San Franciso when he was approached by an airline employee at the boarding gate and asked to pull up his pants. He refused and was asked again aboard the plane, according to the San Franciso Chronicle. When he again failed to comply, Marman was ordered to exit the aircraft. “At that point he was asked to leave the plane,” stated San Francisco Police Department spokesman Sargent Michael Rodrigquez. “It took 15 to 20 minutes of talking to get him to leave the plane, and he was arrested for trespassing.”

Donna Doyle feels that her son was picked on because of his appearance: “young black man with dreads and baggy pants”. She tells the Chronicle “…he’s a good kid trying to make it, and he’s going through a lot.” A spokesperson for US Airways states that their dress code prohibits “indecent exposure”.

Tacky does not equal indecent.

I hate the sight of our young men’s hind parts out for the entire world to see. However, Marman’s body was still covered by his underwear. As unappealing to some as his outfit may have been, it’s absurd to think that he was creating such a distraction or obscene view for other passengers. His penis wasn’t exposed, nor was his bare bottom, and he wasn’t bothering other people. This may not be the most egregious example of racial profiling, but it is yet another reminder of how intolerable we are in the eyes of so many people. ESPN’s LZ Granderson reminds us that Arriana Huffington was removed from a plane earlier this year after bickering with a fellow passenger and refusing to turn off her electronic devises. Yet, Marman was cuffed and she was not.

“If violation of a Federal Aviation Administration law concerning the safety of the aircraft isn’t enough to get someone arrested, how did saggy pants get Marman in handcuffs?”

I think we all know the answer to that. A young man who has scholarships both for football and academics is an immediate suspect or threat the moment he chooses to style himself like so many other brothers his age. With his size, Marman would have likely intimidated folks on that plane even if he were dressed like Carlton Banks.

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  • Carl

    So… the man was returning from a funeral and his emotions were “raw”. Assuming he didn’t attend the funeral with his pants hanging below his ass, he understands what is respectful and what isn’t. Walking aboard an aircraft and demonstrating to the world just how little respect you have for yourself and for the rest of the folks trapped on that aircraft with this spoiled child is simply bad form. It’s not a race thing… it’s simply offensive and shouldn’t have been tolerated. Time for this young man and his mother to stop imagining how they have been wronged and take responsibility for their own bad behavior… period.

  • Girl

    Hose A

    Unlike you wannabe white arse Ive never done anything that would hurt ME just to “get back at my parents”, neither have the rest of my siblings

    Grow up.

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