• Love him. Love the song. Love his whole mixtape.

    Had no idea how the video was going to be when i heard they were making this a single. It’s different, but it definitely fits the song. I had no idea what he was rubbing on his face but it is indeed topicaine. The ending is hilarious.

  • Yeah, i love this song too. The mixtape is definitely a must download

  • oknow

    love the song.. that slap was so unexpected.. lol

  • chanela

    nice voice wasted on vulgar classless lyrics. ughh

  • Leonie UK

    Ok just picking up on this post, cause I hate following ” It people”. Now I feel dumb as hell. Like the video, but really wish they put out ” We All Try” instead, now that is a classic song…that slap was major I actually shivered.