If you are curvy, are you required to be an active participant in the “Curvy Community?” Gabi Gregg, the blogger behind the former Young, Fat & Fabulous site, renamed GabiFresh, doesn’t think so.

She has come under fire for not attending plus-size initiatives like Full-Figured Fashion Week and for not embracing every plus-size designer. Gabi took to her Tumblr to express her thoughts on the issue:

“i went to the first fffweek, posted an honest criticism on my blog, and some people then attacked me for it. at this time i was still relatively unsuccessful and had no income. i still stood my ground and stayed true to my thoughts. i will always continue to support designers and retailers (whether big companies or independent) that make clothing I LIKE AND WOULD WEAR.

[…] i am so sick of other fat girl bloggers apparently calling me elitist and saying i don’t support the “curvy community” because i don’t attend events like fffweek. i did not love most of the designers who showed at fffweek, so i decided not to go and THAT IS OKAY. that is my right. im really happy the event exists. it has its demographic. and it’s not me. we all have enough space to coexist without NEEDING to like the same things.

[…] i started young fat and fabulous because at the time i didn’t know of any resources for young, fashionable fat girls. i love my body, i love fashion, and i encourage all fat girls to do the same. i truly hope that my blog continues to inspire girls to push boundaries as well as show designers and retailers that we are out there and we want MORE options. i just wish people would move past this idea that because we are fat, we must support all things fat-related.

[…] i resent the fact that because im fat, im somehow expected to support these people. i support designs i like. if they’re straight sized, fine, if they’re plus sized, great! i am not required to like everything made for fat girls, and in fact, that goes against THE VERY REASON I STARTED MY BLOG.”

Does Gabi have a point? Do you support designers that cater to your size or race even if you don’t love them? Would you attend a plus-size or black fashion show if you didn’t like the clothing just to support the community?

Read Gabi’s full rant here.

-Channing Hargrove

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