In just one week, Rihanna’s “Man Down” video has set off a controversy that has gotten everyone weighing in. Whether it be the Parents Television Council or BET, it seems everyone has an opinion on the music video for the reggae tune that has opened up a debate on rape, revenge and violence.

Yesterday, another A-lister sister weighed in with her thoughts on Rihanna’s video and the uproar that has ensured since it premiered last week. Through her Twitter account, Gabrielle Union shared her feelings on the “Man Down” video.

See her tweets below:

Gabrielle, who was raped at the age of 19, has spoken publicly about the ordeal and has supported several organizations working with victims of sexual abuse.

Recalling the painful incident, Gabrielle said:

“At some point he put the gun down and calmly asked me to hand him the gun and, at that point, I was like, ‘Oh, it’s me or you, and it ain’t gonna be me today. I’m about to kill you.’ “I grabbed the gun, I spun around and did the best I could trying to kill him.”

Gabrielle said she misfired which led to a further struggle with her attacker and left her black and blue. Still she says that killing her attacker would have left her with more pain to sort through and she does not regret that missed shot.

Speaking out on her rape, Gabrielle has used her fame to place increased emphasis on the discussion on rape and sexual abuse. Just this year, the actress official joined the Obama Administration after being tapped by the President to sit on the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women. Though many may have their thoughts on their opinions, there’s no doubting that the conversation on sexual violence needs to be had.

What’s your take on Gabrielle’s comments on the “Man Down” video? Has the actress’ perspective changed your view? Tell us what you think Clutchettes- share your thoughts!

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