A screen shot of Google Plus.After the massive #FAILs that were Google Buzz and Google Wave, (still don’t understand what that was), the big G is trying it’s hand at social media networking once again. Google Plus has only been shared with a small number of folks thus far and the company is hoping that once again the early exclusivity will create interest.

The network is comprised of “circles” that allow you to keep your family networking separate from your various friend groups, work buddies, etc. That way, when you post your “OMG SO WASTED” pics, your mom and your mentor don’t have to see them.

NPR reports that Google will also allow you to delete your information from it’s servers for good…something Facebook has refused to do.

Between Gmail, my Google Calendar Google Chrome and the superior-to-all Google search, I’ll gladly admit that Google runs everything around me. However, I’m not so sure that even they could convince me to join yet another social network. What about you, Clutchettes?

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