Making jokes about the Kardashians and interracial love is usually the job of Camron, Vado and the rest of the Dipset crew. But this weekend, the jokes made their way into a different scene as one controversial Obama impersonator performed in front of top level Republicans.

The salacious comments from Obama impersonator and comedian, Reggie Brown, were met with an uncomfortable silence from the audience in Louisiana for the Republican Leadership Conference. As part of his routine, Brown said:

“My mother loved a black man, and no, she was not a Kardashian …”

The comment, along with several other insulting jokes about the sitting President and several of the Republican frontrunners aiming to capture the office in 2012, got Brown yanked off the stage before the end of his routine.

Known for his impression of the President, Brown took the stage an began his routine with a birther joke; which apparently some folks still find hilarious even after months of rumors surrounding President Obama’s place of birth.

According to The Associated Press:

Brown also joked about rumors of the president’s birthplace. Obama was born in Hawaii, “or as the tea partyers call it, Kenya,” he said.

Brown highlighted photographs of past presidents such as George W. Bush at the beginning and end of their terms. He showed a picture of George Washington at the start of his term and then projected an image of former first lady Barbara Bush as though it was the nation’s first president as he left office.

Brown then projected a picture of Obama at the start of his term, followed by a picture of Fred Sanford of “Sanford and Son” as a representation of what Obama would look like when he leaves office.

Ironically, Brown’s routine came just one day after Mississippi Governor and popular Republican Harley Barbour warned Republicans not to lose their focus by getting sidetracked with other issues.

So, I guess we can all assume that warning went in one ear and out the other.

What do you think of Brown’s Obama impression for the GOP? Did he take it too far? Should the Republicans have allowed him to perform at all? Tell us what you think Clutchettes and gents!

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  • Erin

    Why can’t they just stick to talking about politics? There’s always something about race that has to come up. It just sounds like Sambo putting on a show for a crowd. He might as well have had his face painted white and did a tap dance.

    • Erin

      *correction. I meant black face.

    • mantan

      Erin stop being so sensitive …..potcalling the kettle black much? ??

  • andryce76

    The repubs were laughing when the Obama race jokes were being told
    But the minute he started joking on the repubs it was time to get off the stage

  • What some will do for a buck. Damn shame. Get some new material, you’re wack.

  • I’m really confused as to why there is a President Obama impersonator at this event at all. Does anyone know if this kind of entertainment is a usual occurrence, or if it is one of the many new things the president’s opposers have taken to doing/saying since there is a Black man in office?

  • Gigi Young

    Oh please. Clutch, you kill me with this “Republicans hate US (aka Obama)!!!” rhetoric. Yeah it stings to see a black man roasted because of America’s race relations and the double-edged sword of non-blacks joking about blacks, and it looks inappropriate to have a GOP meeting with a comedian, but every president (and public figure) is fair game, so why should Obama be treated with kid gloves?

    • Jennifer

      Gigi, I agree with you. If there is one black person that does not need anyone to defend him from jokes, or even insults, it is the president of the United States of America. It takes a person fully confident in him(her)self and his/her abilities to get there. Black people that invest so much time defending Obama should use that time more productively, actively supporting the millions of black people stuck in the underclass.