Whether she is behind the DJ booth or up front in her role as a spokesperson for Carol’s Daughter, Solange Knowles is a statement maker. In the past few years, the star has stepped into her own, keeping a fierce love for her older sis and her individuality all the while raising the adorable, Juelz, her son that who has grown into a swag of his own.

Solange is the epitome of the funky black chick — a girl with eclectic style and a strong self-awareness. From her tweet ranting to her charity work, she speaks her mind and gives back too. She is a risk taker and a rare talent- a girl who can sing in smooth tones and then get behind the camera and call the shots.

Solange has proven that she is going to earn recognition on her own terms. She does projects she loves, reps brands she identifies with and hangs with a crows as diverse as the sky is wide. She is proudly different and is always looking for new ways to stretch and grow. Rocking a cropped cut, long box braids or a fro- Solo is always the opinionated creative spirit we know and love. As she turns 25 today, she is setting out on the next phase of her journey. And as we keep watching- we can’t wait to see where she heads next.

Happy Birthday Miss Solange!

Whats your favorite Solange moment? Tell us what you love about the Birthday Girl here- share your thoughts Clutchettes!

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