What a sad, sad world we live in when women who are not in the military or law enforcement need to take self-defense classes in order to protect themselves from being attacked on the job.

According to Jezebel and the NY Post, housekeepers at New York’s swanky Pierre Hotel are taking classes that will subdue “even the most persistent perverts.”

Last month Egyptian banker Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar assaulted a maid at the Pierre, and just a few months ago, former International Monetary Fund Chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly raped a housekeeper at the Sofitel hotel in Manhattan.

This week, self-defense instructor Mary Ann Carron armed the women with punches and kicks that will potentially protect them on and off the job.

The recent high-profile assaults have prompted the New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council, which represents 29,000 hotel workers, to call for stricter safety measures. And John Turchiano, the organization’s spokesperson said that more hotels could implement such classes.

Although it should be completely unnecessary, once again, women have to take extra precautions just to protect themselves…even at work.

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  • It’s unfortunate but it is reality. I took a self-defense course in undergrad as college campuses themselves are prime target areas for women. It bothers me that these women cannot make a living without worrying what high powered asshole will attack them in a hotel and brush the whole situation off.

    However, once I learned that an anti-rape condom with jagged edges exist for women in several countries in Africa for women’s safety just walking down the street, I re-realized the gravity of what women can face in this world. Very tiring. Very sad.

  • ALIG83

    When I worked in banking I had to beg the male manager not to order my name tag with my last name on it because I didn’t want people trying to find me on social networking sites or anything. And, also because I live in the same area where I worked and I didn’t want customers knowing too much about me. I once had a male customer approach the teller window, asked me what time I was getting off from work so that he could drive me home because we lived in the same neighborhood.

    I’ve been carrying mace for about two years now because of all of the harassment I get from Black men and Hispanic men on the street.

    As a woman, I am always aware of where I walk and who is around because men have no qualms about harassing women.

  • D.

    I think ALL women should learn self-defense. Unfortunately the world is not a nice place. I’m learning self defense/martial arts now and I’m sooo glad I’m doing it. You never know. One can be attacked at work, in the park, at home……. anywhere!

    More women should learn how to protect themselves. I noticed that more men than women take up martial arts. I think that women need to get more involved in this. It’s a very serious issue/reality we have to face.

  • dvine

    this is a good idea but it’s unfortunate that you can’t walk down the street, go to work, shopping and not be attacked by some sex craved animal that can’t control himself..

  • Honey

    I am taking self defense as well. I will buy a gun and cayana pepper to protect myself just in case a motha would like to mess with me. Especially when I know that when you’ll go to the justice they will say it is your fault as you are not white so most likely you are a prostitute and it is your fault if it happened to you. I also know that if I disappear no one besides my family and friends will search for me. So I rather protect myself and kill any motha who wants to mess with me.