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  • she should’ve went for the black version if that is dolce & gabbana

    • Bronze

      I’m in hater-aid therapy….. so I voted fresh. But like you, I believe she could have done brown or red or maybe really asked herself if she is of sound mind. Like, “why am I wearing granny panties underneath a lace dress.” Maybe my therapy is not working.

  • Mmmm… maybe i don’t get it. Looks like a bad BAD mistake.

  • Tifani

    She looks so tacky to me!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pixa

      I agree!! I don’t get how such a stunning girl like her can get it so wrong fashion-wise. Not the 1st time I see her in a questionable getup.

  • amirah

    I love the dress, but Jess is built a bit…funny. Beautiful face but square body. Flaunt it however, you only have one body and she looks happy and glowly.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    She needs to get a stylist, or a No Man, like Kevin Hart said. She consistently gives fashion WTF moments. I would probably never get work as a model, because I would have quickly told Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana “I love yall, but this dress is not it.”