Kobe Bryant is not only a beast on the court, but apparently he will be stepping up his philanthropic game as well.

Today, Bryant will announce that he and his wife are starting the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, a charity that aims to fight homelessness.

According to a press statement, the foundation will work to “reduce homelessness, create permanent housing and provide educational and career resources, which will include raising funds, improving services and working in conjunction with My Friend’s Place.”

My Friend’s Place is a Los Angeles-based charity that provides emergency services to over 1,600 people every year. With the Bryants’ assistance, they hope to reach even more.

Kudos to Kobe and Vanessa for tackling such an important issue!

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  • Foodlover

    This is awesome! lets just hope that with the permanent housing, education & career resources, that it will make a huge change in these peoples lives. I would also hope that their will be some “mandatory guidelines”required for some of these people to receive the help that they need in regards to permanent housing. You don’t want people taking advantage & living off the system.

  • Intellblackman

    I respect what they’re doing, but I have absolutely no respect for this man. He’s an arrogant, pompous, homophobic adulterer…..the living personification of a stereotypical tail chasing black professional athlete. Sorry Kobe, but I still remember Colorado. Maybe a 4 million dollar 8 carat purple diamond ring will make your wife forget you’re a whore, but not me (and the rest of the world for that matter). All the philanthropic gestures in the world won’t conceal your true character. You just proved it again on the court with your latest immature anti-gay outburst. You’re just a spoiled brat. This foundation would have been better served if you left your name off of it.

  • jnygirl

    Kobe & Vanessa, take pride in the fact that you are contributing for a great cause, one that should not even be an issue in our society, and there are plenty of “supportive” people who truly appreciate your involvement in such an important matter.