Weight is a huge issue for many of us. For some women, our bodies have not only carried us through life, but they’ve also been at the center of hefty doses of self-criticism and negativity.

As many struggle to get to their ideal weight, or even stay there, some rely on their friends and families to support their efforts. But according to an article by the Detroit Free Press, sometimes those closest to us can be the least supportive.

In the article, “Even close relationships can falter if one loses weight,” writer Jessica Yadegaran discusses how changing lifestyles can put a strain on some relationships.

Yadegaran writes:

You certainly don’t expect it to happen, but it can. Meeting a weight loss or fitness goal, especially a significant one, often shifts the dynamics of your interpersonal relationships. Friends say you’re different, and that they have to get used to the new you. Your wife is suddenly more affectionate, and you wonder why you waited a decade to drop that beer belly.

Whether the changes are positive or negative and because food and body image are so ingrained in our social lives, experts say it’s important to recognize any shifting dynamics and be prepared to discuss them with your loved ones, openly and honestly.

While I’m sure that some people’s relationships have been negatively effected by one friend losing weight while the other continued with questionable eating habits, in my experience friends have not only been supportive in weight loss journeys, but they’ve been extremely helpful. But perhaps I’ve just been lucky.

How about you, Clutchettes? When losing weight or trying to live a healthier lifestyle, have your friends and family been supportive?

Let’s talk about it!

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