Playboy founder Hugh Hefner announced this week that his 25-year-old fiancee Crystal Harris has had “a change of heart” and that the couple’s upcoming nuptuals are now cancelled. While this very well could be a publicity stunt for the upcoming special “Marrying Hef”, scheduled to air on Lifetime this summer, there are plenty of other May-December couples that find their happily ever after without any regards to their ages (though the 60-year spread between Hefner and Harris is definitely a bit more extreme than most mixed age couplings).

I’ll admit it: I have been known at various times in my life as the “older man chaser” and the “PYT lover”. Before settling with someone my own age, I loved me some tenderroni love from both sides of the equation! Older men were often more sophisticated, confident, accomplished and charming than the guys in my immediate peer group. Well…some of them were. As far as the younger guys, they were adorable and had a certain reverence for me that was refreshing. ¬†There were also some older guys that made me say “And THAT’s why he’s damn near 40 and still chasing girls my age”, as well as some young whippersnappers who just didn’t have what it takes upstairs to keep up with someone a bit older.

Have you ever dated someone significantly older or younger than you? How did it work out? If you haven’t, are you open to it? Is there a limit on how far you’ll go with someone of a different age (i.e. only casual dating)? Do you have any rules about just how big an age variance you can handle? Speak to me, Clutchettes!

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  • pretty brown eyes

    Here is the rule that some people use to determine whether or not the age discrepancy between a couple is acceptable.

    I’m 26, so that means I should stick w/ guys between 20 and 38. I think that’s about right for me, though I don’t think I could date anyone who can’t even legally drink. I think my lower end would have to be 24. Guys at either end of the spectrum would have to be dope.

  • Fa

    I’ve regularly dated older men, but am currently dating someone 5 years younger than me and its working beautifully. It’s not about age, but maturity and the connection 2 people have.

  • I have a friend that is dating a man old enough to be both of our fathers and he has kids our age. O_o

    I don’t have a problem dating a man a few years older than me (I’m 23) but please no one old enough to be my father or grandfather. I already have both.