Name: Oraine Barrett

Age: 26

Height: 6’1″

Measurements: Suit: 41″; Waist: 32″; Shoe: 11.

Agency: Soul Artist Management

Where We’ve Seen Him: This Jamaican heartthrob was just featured in Rihanna’s “Man Down” video which is garnering him a lot of publicity. He was also featured as a model in Nautica’s Fall 2011 presentation, as the face of Ralph Lauren’s RLX Eyewear Summer 2011 collection, in Ralph Lauren’s 2010 Winter Olympics advertising campaign, as well as the faces of Phat Farm in Fall 2008 and Phat Premium in Spring 2009. Oraine has been featured in editorials for Interview, Vogue Hommes Japan and Vogue Italia, among others.

Why We Love Him: Though often striking a very serious pose, Oraine has the brightest smile to go along with his chiseled, athletic physique. A robbery and attack left him with a distinctive facial scar that has not stopped him at all from pushing forward to success, showing his determination and willingness to rise above even the most unfortunate of circumstances.

Random Fact: Oraine was called to play for the Jamaican National Soccer Team when he was both 16 and 19, showing that he is much more than a pretty face.

His Words:

“Be yourself, don’t try to be someone else. Build your self esteem. If doing something makes you feel uncomfortable you don’t have to do it. Have confidence in yourself.” (as told to Models.com)

Check out the video:

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-Faith Cummings

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