On the list of ‘Most Awkward Songs To Ever Play In the Presence of Your Mother,’ LL Cool J’s “Doing It Well,” is a guaranteed top three. Not only does the rapper lay out some of the most explicit lines of his career, Amel’s groaning in the background makes it impossible to ignore in the presence of any family member with sound mind.

While it may be unbearable in a minivan, many would agree that LL on to something with his practice makes perfect love jam. Repetition is often seen as the key to getting it right not just in lovemaking but nearly everything we do in life. But now, new research is upending that notion on its head.

In a study published last week, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that in humans cognitive development was attributed more to insight not repetition. In other words the key to learning was not simply doing it and doing it well, but (pardon the unavoidable pun) getting it right the first time.  Apparently, a sudden initial insight is usually the strongest.

More than anything the study has unraveled the notion of using flash cards to teach babies how to read but the study has some valuable lessons for us too. While it would be easy to throw in the towel and give up on the things that don’t come to you immediately, the study also provides great support for delving deeper into the things that do.

For many of us, our focus is always on the room-for-improvement areas. If only I could work this out, pull this higher, lower that number- I’d get there. But the truth is, “there” is not a level, it’s the best state of you. Instead of trying to jump higher or be smaller to fit into that place, choose to work on developing the gifts that seem to come naturally, tapping into the growth you can have.

Today, choose development over mere repetition. Dive deeper into your strengths, aiming for your best, your perfect, your whole.

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