Smitten, Whipped, Stacy Dash-ed.

Whatever you call it, there’s no doubting that when a new love bowls a woman over her face just glows.

We all know what it is when we see that girlfriend of our a few dates in or when the sister who hardly ever speaks/always speaks finds a new voice/a muzzle. We even see it in ourselves, though we’ll quickly downplay it. As if denying the feeling would make it last just a little bit longer. Love has the power to reform us, to bring us into the person we keep saying we’ll get around to being. It changes us in an instant from the muscles in our face to the spark in our hips. Our smile, our walk it is all somehow changed.

Though I haven’t been bowled over by a man in quite some time, I have been accused of having the morning after glow. And it isn’t that I’ve been sneaking off to get in time with phantom men, it’s just been well, my own little affair.

The women in my life always say that when you are enamored with someone, with something- every fiber of you is touched. For me, it hasn’t been flower deliveries or anything of the sort. Rather, it’s been Matisse exhibit, cooking classes and Lion King sing-a-longs in Brooklyn bars.

Maybe in some foreign land, this whole morning after, don’t kiss and tell rule actually exists. But I’ve found that when it comes to women and romance, it hardly ever applies. Why then don’t we apply it to our non-romantic passions? Why do we choose to keep a secret from the rest our world, the things that make us come alive.

Whether it be exploring new places, finding new friends or learning new things, there is no reason why you shouldn’t spill the beans on your new love.

Today, share your secret with the world and be willing to let others know the reason for change in your smile.

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